Tamed Tornado Logo Text
We build, repair and rescue high performance server software.
From infrastructure, to code, to configration. We will lower your costs, increase your performance and make your product a success.


Production Servers In Trouble
We come in and rapidly assess your production issues, working as quickly as possible to deliver a solution.
Surveying your production infrastructure, config and finally code we will determine how and why your live infrastructure is failing to meet your needs. Then we will propose and deliver a solution. This is our emergency service, we treat it as such.
From The Ground Up
Starting from a blank slate, we will assess your business needs, scope and then build the project.
We begin with story carding the project with your team, we scope the project. Once that is done, we can move on to sprints developing the product. During this process we are not just your contractor, but will act as your technical co-founder. We have an interest in your business success, and not just pushing our service and technology.
A Troubled Development Effort
We determine why your remote or in house development team is failing to deliver as expected, and we deliver a solution.
We examine the development and project management processes, the teams product and the team personnel. We will rapidly determine the causes of failure and present them to you with a report and our recommendations to solve the issue.
That's Not Us
If the above doesn't fit your situation and you still think we can help, we'd like to talk to you.


Olga Korokhina Olga Korokhina has been crushing gender stereotypes about female engineers since she graduated with her Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics and started working as a professional engineer. She's published recipes for Adobe Flex in O'Reilly's Adobe Flex 4 Cookbook. She's engineered solutions at oDesk for their Unified Search project, at ASG and other clients. She's active in the OSS scene, contributing to Archaius, Hystrix and Eureka for Netflix. She runs A5.UA, a Ukraine based mobile development shop with her cofounder and speaks English, German and Russian and Italian.
Jason Maskell
Jason Maskell has worked as professional engineer since he was a wee lad. After the rise of the internet, he experienced Mosaic 1.0 and Gopher in the university computer lab, since that's the only place he could. Since then he's built many a highly scalable backend, in a few different languages. Some of the places he's recently worked at were Crytek, on their social network backend, Jagex as the Lead Infrastructure Engineer leading that team, and most recently at Gamerizon, building a high scale server infrastructure for the company's recent games. He's a serial entrepreneur living in Saigon, he plays bass and he misses having a cat.